Creating a matching WBS is one of the most important tasks in project management. It defines the project structure and the way we monitor our progress. The good news: in many situations you are not starting from scratch. There are older projects available for best practice, there is a line organization and specific know how. So the… Read More

Your project evolves almost as scheduled. You are set – awaiting a major decision of your client or board. This decision defines your next work packages – and it is delayed over and over again. Sounds familiar ?… Read More

Product and production development have to be in sync. Initially the product defines the production design, but further into the project maturity of the production design limits the flexibility. Late product changes may cause expensive production redesigns and may delay start of production. To avoid this there has to be a solid communication between both… Read More

Recently a friend asked me for help: „We have to prepare a lot of documents for a customer over the next couple of months. We do some preparations, then the customer has to check and approve, we do some clean ups, fill in some details and hand it over to the project lead of the… Read More